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Setrab  |  SKU: SP-SETRAB-OC-SLM-592-6

SETRAB SLM oil cooler 592mm net width

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SETRAB Proline SLM oil cooler with a mesh width of 592mm

The Setrab oil coolers from the Proline SLM series offer the ideal solution for all types of cooling circuits in vehicle construction. While most applications are designed for engine oil cooling or transmission oil cooling, the Proline SLM series oil coolers are also ideal for designing systems for power steering cooling, clutch cooling or differential cooling.

The technical data and the strictly monitored production make the Setrab oil coolers the best oil coolers on the market.

The Proline SLM series oil coolers are mounted with four M6 screw points (2 on the top and 2 on the bottom) . These screw points have the following distances:

SLM 141: 90mm center to center

SLM 250: 200mm center to center

SLM 420: 320mm center to center

SLM 592: 492mm center to center

The special SETRAB oil cooler adapters, which should be tightened with a maximum of 40 Nm, are suitable for connecting the dash systems.

In order to find the ideal oil cooler, we have listed all sizes of the Setrab Proline SLM series in the following table.



Cooler - dimensions in mm Depth (D) Total length (L) Network width Total height (H)
SLM 141 – 6 rows 40 204 141 63
SLM 141 – 10 rows 40 211 141 99
SLM 141 – 14 rows 40 211 141 136
SLM 250 – 6 rows 40 313 250 63
SLM 250 – 10 rows 40 320 250 99
SLM 250 – 14 rows 40 320 250 136
SLM 450 – 6 rows 40 498 450 63
SLM 450 – 10 rows 40 490 450 99
SLM 450 – 14 rows 40 490 450 136
SLM 592 – 6 rows 40 655 592 63
SLM 592 – 10 rows 40 662 592 99
SLM 592 – 14 rows 40 662 592 136


If an oil cooler in a different width is required, the Proline series 1 and 6 offer a large selection

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