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Aluminum Dash/AN Tees

Available in different versions and sizes for almost every purpose

The T-pieces from Stealth Performance are made from high-quality 6061-T6 aluminum and have the black Tech-Black surface.

The T-piece bushings are available in versions with central attachment and versions with side attachment. For secure fastening, a center from the SPE-924 series should be used for each bushing.

You can choose from three variants of the normal T-pieces. The normal version has three equally sized dash/an connections. If a connection in a smaller or larger dash size is required, a reducer from the SPE-950 series can be used. The other two variants of T-pieces have a female connection that is attached either to the middle or to the side of the T-piece. These variants are very suitable if two cables have to be attached directly to a component. As an example, you can imagine a lifting system or extinguishing system in which a component has to be fed from a line.